What Are the Causes of Inside Tread on a Tire to Slice?

by Brenda Priddy
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The inside tread of a tire is the edge of the tire that is closest to the center of the car. While designed to handle many forms of pressure and road conditions, inside tire treads are susceptible to cutting. Tire cutting can occur from a variety of reasons. If you know what causes inside treads to cut, it is easier to avoid those triggers.


Overinflation is one of the greatest hazards to a tire. When the tire is overinflated, the pressure is increased on the tire, and the contact with the road is lessened. What this means for drivers is that overinflated tires are more likely to catch on something sharp that can cut the inside tread of a tire because the tire does not meet the road as it should. All of the weight of the car will rest on one small part of the tire rather than the whole tire. Consequently, if there is a sharp object that comes into contact with that small portion of a tire, it is more likely to cut the inside tread than it would be if the tire were not overinflated. The best way to prevent overinflation is to learn what pressure is ideal for your tires and keep them at that level.

Loose Surfaces

Rocks and gravel are common sources of making tire cuts. This is mostly due to their sharp nature. This risk is magnified when the driving surface is loose, such as with a gravel or rock road. What happens in this position is that the sharp rocks get stuck in the tires, but the looseness of the road and the loss of traction cause the tires to slip. The slipping can cause the rocks to slide, cutting right across the inside tread of a tire. The only way to prevent this is to avoid driving on gravel or loose roads. If that is impossible, purchase tires designed to stand up to gravel-surface driving.

Sharp Objects

Sharp objects in the road may cut the inside treads of tires. Even an object as small as a nail can slip and cause a cut. The best way to prevent this contact from happening is to carefully monitor objects in the road. Avoid traveling over sharp objects whenever possible.

Uneven Road

A road with an uneven surface can also cause cuts to the inside tread of a tire. Whenever a tire hits wrong on the road--whether it is from a pothole, road depression or even uneven driveway--the unexpected pressure on the inside tread can cause cuts. Avoid potholes when possible.

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