What Causes the Brakes to Squeak on a Toyota Camry?

by Justan Brandt
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In 1983, Toyota introduced the Camry as the replacement to the Corona. By the 2007 model year, the Toyota Camry was in its sixth generation All Toyota Camrys have been equipped with brakes, which can fall victim to squealing. The squealing noise, sometimes referred to as squeaking or whining, can be caused by a number of factors.


A high frequency vibration can cause the brakes to squeak on a Toyota Camry. When the brakes are engaged, a set of pads grab the rotors, and imperfections on the rotor can cause the pads to skip. This skipping motion causes the pads to vibrate against the caliper pistons. The caliper then vibrates the mounts and bushings, causing a squeaking noise. The less secure these components are, the louder the squeak.

Type of Rotor

The type of metal the rotors are made of can cause the brakes to squeak on a Toyota Camry. Not all cast iron is the same. Some grades are more quiet and produce less squeaking. If the composite rotors of a Toyota Camry were replaced with solid cast rotors, this could also increase brake noise and squeaking.

Brake Pads

Squeaking can be caused by the brake pads installed on the Toyota Camry. The noises created by a pad vary by manufacturer, friction material, filler and lubricant. If the squeaking began after replacing the pads, you may consider a different type of brake pad. Squeaking can also occur when a brake pad has reached the end of its lifespan.

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