What Causes a Battery Boil Over?

by Casey Case
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If you have ever seen acid coming out of the top of your car, golf cart, or boat battery, you have experienced battery boil over. Boil over can quickly ruin a battery and at best decreases the battery's life. Battery boil is also dangerous and you should know what causes batteries to boil over and how to prevent it.


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Batteries use a water and acid mixture that produces a chemical reaction and results in the charge necessary to start your car, boat or other vehicle. Many batteries need to have water added on a periodic basis to keep this chemical reaction going inside the battery. If you have a battery that needs water added to it periodically, follow the manufacturer's instructions on the fill level. Adding too much water will cause the battery to boil over.


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An alternator that is overcharging the battery can cause boil over. The alternator in a vehicle continuously charges the battery while you drive. The optimum charging voltage for a battery is 14 volts. If the charge gets above 14.5 volts, your battery will overheat and boil, causing severe damage to your battery and eventually making it unsafe for use.


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Recharging the battery with an external charger can cause it to overheat and boil over if the charger is defective or if you charge the battery too long. A defective charger might have an unregulated flow of electricity or it might charge the battery too quickly.


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In order to prevent boil over from occurring, make sure you do not overfill the battery with water. Also, use battery chargers that have regulated flow and do not charge at a rapid rate. Once you are charging the battery, monitor the process to ensure you remove the charger as soon as the battery has a full charge.


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Do not ever try to handle a battery that is boiling over. Boil over spills acid that can be harmful to humans. Also, if you have a battery that boils over, replace it as soon as you can to avoid exposure to acid.

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