Can I Drive With a Broken Strut?

by Jay Motes
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A strut is a suspension component that dampens an automobile's movements and prevents it from bouncing on its springs. Struts are often expensive to replace, but driving on a broken strut is not a good idea.

Suspension Damage

When a strut is broken, one area of the vehicle is free to move farther and faster than the others. This increases the wear on the other suspension components and may cause the failure of these components. Damage to other suspension components may greatly increase the cost of needed repairs.

Steering Damage

The increased movements allowed by the broken strut may also increase the strain on the steering system and cause it to become damaged. Also, suspension and steering system components are typically mounted close to each other. When a strut breaks, the strut itself may strike and damage steering components.

Loss of Control

The suspension system is responsible for keeping the wheels in contact with the road, this is especially important on rough road surfaces and during emergency braking. Without a properly operating strut, the vehicle will tend to bounce, causing a wheel to not properly contact the road. This can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle.

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