C4 Corvette 40th Anniversary Specifications

by Keith Perry
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In 1953, Chevrolet debuted its sporty Corvette, and production of this iconic vehicle continues today. The 40th edition celebrated the long running success of over a million Corvettes manufactured. The 40th edition car is very popular with enthusiasts; some have created events and owner registries just for this model.

Production Information

The 40th anniversary Corvette was a limited edition run of the 1993 model-year. Total production for all 1993 Corvettes was 21,590 vehicles. A total of 6,749 cars were produced with the 40th anniversary package which is labeled as the Z25 option. This option package retailed for $1,455 and included special ruby red paint, red seats and exterior emblems. The Z25 option was available on both the convertible and coupe models. Less than 250 ZR-1 models were ordered with the Z25 package, making it a favorite of collectors.

Drive Train and Suspension

The base model of the 40th anniversary edition was equipped with the LT1 engine while the LT5 was used in the ZR-1 The LT1 produces 305 horsepower from its 5.7-liter displacement engine. The compression ratio of the LT1 is 10.4:1, producing 330 ft.-lbs. of torque and reaching red-line at 5,700 RPM. The LT5 generates 400 horsepower and produces 385 ft.- lbs. of torque .The LT5 has a red-line of 7200 RPM and a compression ratio of 11:1. A six-speed transmission was an option while the 700r4 automatic transmission came standard. Both models have an independent suspension to produce excellent handling characteristics.

Safety Features

Three-point safety belts, in conjunction with sport seats, keep the occupants securely positioned in the car. A driver's side airbag was standard in the 1993 C4 while one for the passenger's side was not available until later model-years. The 40th anniversary edition is equipped with a vehicle anti-theft system that uses a resistor embedded in the ignition key to start the Corvette. The car has four wheel disc brakes with dual piston calipers on the front wheels. A low tire pressure monitor was offered as an option.

Optional Features

Additional features could be added to the Z25 anniversary package to build a car tailored to the owner's specifications. The FX3 selective ride option was a popular addition as it allowed the owner to choose how firmly the car would ride. The G92 performance axle option was often ordered by owners for track racing. The Z07 package was the performance suspension upgrade, another popular feature with racers. Two sound system upgrades were available, both manufactured by Bose.

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