How to Buy White Wall Tires

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If you want to make your car look hot, then you must trick it out. And for certain cars, that means white wall tires. Here are some tips on where to buy white walls.

Go to automotive stores like Kragen, Pep Boys or Just Tires. These guys specialize in tires for every make and model including white wall tires. Usually if you buy a new set, you also get an incentive, such as "4th tire free" or "free tire rotation for life." New tires usually come with a tread warranty.

Peruse online auction sites for great deals on white wall tires. You'll find that eBay motors has built a spectacular business with many parts, accessories and cars for sale. The trick with buying tires is to make sure that you are within driving distance look at them. Otherwise, the shipping charges will eat up the savings. Search locally within the distance you are willing to drive before making the purchase.

Visit the dump. While it sounds less than appealing, the dump has created a market for trash. Things like tires and other spare parts have a residual value. Call ahead to see check the inventory for white wall tires. The advantage to the dump is that you can also barter with them, as there is no real set price.

Check out community website pages like People are always selling items such as white wall tires. You can peruse the site or place an advertisement to attract sellers. This is a great way to get the white walls for pennies on the dollar.

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