How to Buy a Used Fleet Vehicle

by Jay Motes

When a fleet vehicle is retired by a car rental company or other fleet owner, the vehicles are often sold at a low price to move them quickly. However, buyers of fleet vehicles need to be careful to avoid potential problems.

Finding Fleet Vehicles

Fleet vehicles are sold through a number of outlets including direct from the fleet operator. Rental cars and cars used by corporations are often listed for sale on the company website. Many fleet operators also provide generous return terms to fleet vehicle buyers. Fleet cars are also sold or auctioned off to car dealers for resale.

Inspecting Fleet Vehicles

When buying a fleet vehicle, as with any other used car, the buyer should carefully inspect the vehicle and take it for a test drive. When possible, buyers should hire an independent mechanic to assist with the inspection. If buying from the fleet owner, buyers should review the maintenance log for the vehicle.

Determining Fair Value

Consulting a used car price guide is one way to determine the fair price of a used vehicle. Buyers should also compare the price listed by other dealers and private parties for similar vehicles in similar condition.

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