How to Buy Salvaged Vehicles

by Steven Diggs, Jr.

Buying a used vehicle will save you some money, but buying a salvaged vehicle will save you even more money. A salvaged vehicle is a vehicle that was wrecked and deemed "salvage" because it would cost too much to repair it. To buy one of these, you must find a place that sells salvaged cars as most car dealers do not sell these vehicles. While that makes it a little harder to find one, it is nowhere near impossible.

Contact local car insurance companies. Tell them about your interest in buying a salvaged vehicle. Some places may tell you where they send their salvaged cars to, which are either junkyards or salvaged car dealers.

Visit or call auto body dealers. Ask them if they know where insurance companies send their salvage vehicles to. Some of them may know where they go.

Call junkyards. They receive broken vehicles all the time, so the chances of them having a salvaged vehicle are higher than other places. If they do not have any, ask them where you can buy one.

Visit websites that sell salvaged cars. Running a search for "buy salvaged vehicles" turns up many websites that do sell them.


  • close Some salvaged cars cost too much to repair, so make sure you find one that is in your price range.

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