How to Buy an Old Police Car

by eHow Cars Editor

Old police cars can be a huge deal for savvy buyers. These cars normally have heavy-duty shocks, breaks and engines. However, these cars may also have seen a lot of overuse and may not be in the best condition.

Go to a police car auction or a website like Used Police Cars. Police car auctions are usually widely advertised in newspapers and in the media. In these sales, cars that were seized in criminal investigations are auctioned. Check the listings for any old police cars that might be up for auction as well. Used Police Cars is a website that lists former police cars for sale. You can peruse their stock on the listings.

Check that the police car has been stripped of any indication that it is still a police vehicle. It is illegal to impersonate a police officer. You don't want to get in trouble for appearing to drive a police vehicle.

Ask the seller if the police car you are viewing was an officer car or a department car. This can make a great difference in the condition of the car. An officer car is owned by a single officer and taken home and used in his spare time. While not always the case, it is possible that one of these cars will be better cared for than a department car as the police cruiser is one of an officer's primary forms of transportation.

Determine whether the department was large or small, if the police car was a department model. Smaller forces will have been shared by fewer officers and may be in better condition.

Take the old police car to a trusted mechanic for an inspection before buying it. Just because the car formerly belonged to a municipality, county or state doesn't mean the car is in tip-top condition.