How to Buy New Cars Through Costco

by Heather Topham Wood

When you think of Costco, you may not automatically think of purchasing cars through the company best known for wholesale products. However, the Costco Auto Program retails vehicles at a low cost under the Costco name. Not only are pre-owned cars available through the Costco Auto Program, but new vehicles are as well. Using the Internet, Costco members can easily view the inventory of participating dealerships to decide if the Costco program will benefit you.

Become a member of Costco. Before you can access any of the program features, you need to join the wholesale club. Prices to join the club start at $50 annually. To sign up, visit a Costco retail location or go to the Costco website.

Browse new car prices on the Costco Auto Program website. The listings are intended to give you reference information when you contact a participating Costco auto dealership. Member prices will not be revealed until you meet with a Costco car dealer.

Locate a Costco dealer in your area. You can call the Costco Auto Program hotline at (800) 755-2519 or use the website to find a nearby dealer. Click on "Locate a Dealer" on the program website and then put in your zip code, car make, model and year to find the closest dealership.

Wait for the dealer to contact you. Once you make a request to locate a dealer through the website or hotline, a Costco-participating auto dealership will contact you, typically within 24 hours. He will provide the location of the lot.

Meet with the dealer to examine the vehicle. You'll be asked to display your Costco membership card. Compare the price quoted to you with the prices you have researched through the Costco Auto Program website. If you decide to purchase the car, you'll have to sign the purchasing contracts and go through a credit check.


  • check You can still access manufacturers' rebates and incentives when you buy a new car through Costco.

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