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How to Buy a Monster Truck

by Contributor

If names like Big Foot, Grave Digger, Scarlet Bandit and Big Dawg get your blood pumping, you're a monster truck fan. Do you dream of getting into the ring and taking on those big boys, perhaps even become Big Foot, Jr. or something more original? You can. Buy your own monster truck. Read this eHow to learn more.

Step 1

Look in the classifieds of your local paper or in local car magazines. You may be able to find one not far from home.

Step 2

Check out eBay. It is a source for everything under the sun. However, as this is an auction site, you may not be able to see the monster trucks in person before you buy them. Ask for some kind of guarantee should the monster truck be faulty in any way.

Step 3

Go online to Racing Junk, and check out what they have to offer. Not only do they have racing cars of practically every description, they have monster trucks as well. Become a member of the site (create a username and password) and search to your heart's desire. You might even be able to find some trucks being sold not far from where you live. And, since the site Racing Junk is not an auction site, you could probably go see those monster trucks before you buy them.

Step 4

Attend monster truck rallies. Sites like Tickets Now sell them to every monster truck event. You might be able to buy a monster truck that some driver may sell at one of those rallies. Heck, you even might be able to win one in a drawing.

Inspect the monster truck before you buy it. No matter where you go, you should look the monster truck over very carefully, and take your time doing so. Look at the frame and the engine, which are the real meat of the truck. If need be, take someone with you who is mechanically inclined and knows monster trucks like the back of the hand.

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