How to Buy a Limo

by J. Johnson

If you are thinking about buying a limo, chances are that it's not for personal use. You probably have a limo business already, or are ready to make your first purchase for a new limo business you're starting up. Either way, you'll need to buy a limo that fits the needs of the people who are going to be riding in it. Unfortunately, limos aren't something you'll find in most car dealerships, so you'll need to take some special steps to make sure you find the limo that's right for you.


Decide on the type of limo you want to buy. The type of limo you have will determine that type of customers who want to rent the service, so keep that in mind. Some limo types are the stretch limo, the luxury car limo, and the limo Hummer (see Reference 1).


Decide whether you want to buy a new limo or a used limo. The used limo may be cheaper, but might not offer you the assurance or features you'll find in a new limo.


Make a list of all the features you desire, from something as simple as leather seats, to something as complicated as a hot tub in the back of the limo.


Search for limos on the Web for sale. Make a list of the limo type, its year, its mileage, the cost, and the features. Try to limit the search to cities within driving distance, so that you can see the limo and test-drive it before making a purchase.


Call limo services in your area and ask them for their opinion on what types of limos they have been pleased with and disappointed with over the years. They drive limos for a living, so they are going to be very familiar with many aspects of the vehicles.


Talk to the dealer about payment options and test-drive the limo before coming to an any agreement.

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