How to Buy A Car On Ebay Motors

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Using eBay Motors is a quick and convenient way to buy your next car. You can search for the type of car you want from the comfort of your own home without having to spend long hours trekking through used car lots. In many cases, it is even possible to pay for the car online and arrange to have it delivered to your door. That is why thousands of people around the world are now using eBay Motors to buy their cars.

Purchase the Car of Your Dreams on eBay Motors

Visit eBay and sign in (see Resources below).

Click on "eBay Motors."

Use the drop-down menus to locate the kind of car you want. You can search by make, model or both.

Click "Search" when you have made your make and model selections.

View the list of cars matching your search specifications.

Select a car that interests you by clicking on it.

Read the description of the car, look at the pictures and review the shipping and payment policy of the seller.

Click on the "Place Bid" button.

Enter your bid amount. If you are the first bidder, you must enter at least the minimum bid required by the seller. If there are already other bids, you must bid higher than the highest bid already in place.

Click "Continue."

Inspect your bid for accuracy. If everything is in order, click "Confirm Bid."

Sit back and wait to see if you won. Other bidders may bid higher than you on this car. If this happens, you will have to make a higher bid in order to win. eBay will inform you when you have been outbid.

Bask in the winning glow. If you win the car, eBay will send you an email letting you know. At that point, you should make payment according to the seller's instructions in the listing.

Pick up your car or arrange with the seller to have it shipped to you. The seller will be contacting you via email after you win the auction, so you can make shipping arrangements at that time.


  • check If you have additional questions about how to buy a car on eBay Motors, visit eBay's Help page (see Resources below).


  • close It is a good idea to make frequent changes to your eBay password. eBay is generally a secure site, but enough personal information about you is stored there to make taking extra security measures desirable and smart.

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