How to Replace Battery Cables in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Editorial Team

Battery cables bring power to all your vehicle's electrical components. If the cables are damaged, then the current from your battery to these components may be interrupted causing a loss of power or shorting out in one or more areas. Check the cables on your Jeep Grand Cherokee periodically for wear and corrosion and replace them when needed.

Step 1

Put gloves on and find the top-post battery on the passenger side of the SUV. Use a stool to reach it if you can't work comfortably standing on the ground, because it's pretty high on a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Step 2

Loosen the bolt on the black negative battery cable first with a box wrench or cable clamp pliers. Wiggle the cable end off the post and tap it gently with a small hammer if it won't budge. Repeat the process on the red positive cable. Remove both cables from the battery, even if you're replacing only one.

Step 3

Follow the black negative cable to where it's grounded on the body of the Jeep Grand Cherokee near the wheel well. Remove the end of the cable with a wrench. Track the red positive cable to its connection on the starter solenoid on the front passenger side of the engine and remove it with a wrench.

Step 4

Clean the posts with a small wire brush or cable cleaner. Wipe off any residual dust with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 5

Attach the new positive cable first, reversing the process in Step 3. Put the negative cable on last and start the SUV to ensure the connections are working on your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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