The Average Cost of Car Insurance Per Month

by Neil Kokemuller

The national average cost of car insurance varies based on who's doing the study. A March 2013 "Forbes" article indicated an annual cost of $1,510, which equates to $125.83 per month. This amount is for full coverage. If you buy liability-only protection, you have much lower premiums.

State Premium Variance

Premium averages also vary by state. The Insure website survey current at the time of publication indicated Michigan had the highest state average at $2,551 per year, or $212.58 a month. West Virginia was just below that amount with a monthly premium of $209.83. Ohio boasts the lowest state average at $926, or $77.17 per month. Maine drivers paid an average of $80.33 each month, and New Hampshire drivers paid $81.92.

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