What Is an AutoCheck Score?

by Steven Miller
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AutoCheck Score is a system used to report a vehicle's history based on its VIN number. This rating is offered through Experian, a credit card company, to help customers make better vehicle purchasing decisions and to help auto dealers explain vehicle history to potential buyers.

Database Model

Experian has a National Vehicle Database with vital information on more than 500 million vehicles throughout the nation. Modeling and decision analytic experts use this database to create an algorithmic score range based on similar model years and classes of vehicles. Once the VIN number is entered into the database, real-time scoring is used to determine the rating number for the vehicle. Rating numbers are calculated by information within the National Vehicle Database.


The National Vehicle Database uses information such as age, mileage, lease history, accident history and vehicle class for reaching a score. Information about an automobile's maintenance and service is not included within the database. AutoCheck focuses mainly on the historical information about a vehicle and not so much on its condition. Criteria such as theft history, commercial use and repossession statistics are used by AutoCheck when determining a vehicle's history.


AutoCheck scores the vehicle based on a rating scale of 1 to 100. A lower Experian score doesn't necessarily mean a bad vehicle. Comparing the vehicle with others that have similar criteria is the best way to see whether it is in good condition. AutoCheck also calculates the score from scratch each time a report is requested. This is done so that data made available recently is included in the scoring.

Industrial Strength

According to Experian, industrial professionals use AutoCheck in order to deliver important and relevant information about a vehicle's history to potential customers. Auto dealers, leading U.S. auto auctions and manufacturer-certified, pre-owned programs frequently use AutoCheck. Auto dealers rely on the credible information from the Department of Motor Vehicles, salvage yards, auctions, police accident reports, and FEMA for storm-damaged vehicles, when it comes to evaluating the condition of a particular motor vehicle.


AutoCheck provides a buyback clause designed to protect consumers against unreported state title brands. Every time an AutoCheck Assured Status report is completed on an automobile, the Buyback Protection is automatically applied. This protection allows a refund up to 110% of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Used Car Guides retail vehicle price at the time of purchase. This clause also allows up to $500 in aftermarket accessories.

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