How to Get Affordable Car Insurance

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Carrying car insurance is required in every state. It is never free but the good news is there are ways to find the cheapest and best insurance that meets your budget. The following will help you in your efforts in finding the car insurance for you.

Determine what is within your budget before buying auto insurance.

Check for rates prior to purchasing a vehicle. If you cannot afford the insurance, then you cannot afford the vehicle.

Keep good credit. A growing number of insurance companies base rates of their customers in their credit history.

Drive safely. Your driving history is the number one factor insurance companies use when calculating an insurance quote.

Buy minimum coverage. Minimum liability coverage, determined by each state, will save you more money than carrying a large, full coverage policy.

Carry liability insurance if there is no lien on your vehicle. This is the absolute minimum and cheapest coverage you may carry on your vehicle.

Raise the deductibles. This may save you 30 to 40 percent.

Carry insurance with your home insurance provider. Companies usually give a break for those carrying multiple insurance policies with them.

Buy insurance online. Cutting out the middleman will often save you money.

Ask for discounts such as being an older driver, multi-car or even driver education courses discounts.


  • close Liability insurance only covers the other party in the event of an accident. You will be responsible for paying for your own vehicle repairs.
  • close Raising the deductibles means more out-of- pocket expense if an accident occurs.

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