2001 Mercedes Benz S500 Digital Clock Setting Instructions

by Kochava R. Greene

Driving across time zones or shifting from daylight-saving or standard time will cause many car owners to want to reset their clocks. Resetting the clock in your 2001 Mercedes Benz S500 takes just a few moments and can be done by anyone -- no visit to a dealership is necessary. If you don't have your "COMAND Operator's Manual" -- the document that tells you how to change settings -- for the car, you can download a new one from Mbusa.com or have your dealer get one for you.

Press the rotary /push button on the COMAND panel. You will see the main menu.

Turn the rotary/push button to the right to advance to the "Time" selection.

Rotate the rotary/push button to the right to advance the clock, or to the left to move it backward. Press the rotary/push button again to exit from the menu.

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