2000 Dodge Stratus Fuel Pump Removal Instructions

by Rex Molder
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The 2000 Dodge Stratus fuel pump assembly is attached to the vehicle's fuel tank. If the fuel pump malfunctions, you must replace the entire assembly since it cannot be serviced. Removing a faulty pump assembly requires you to depressurize the car's fuel system and remove the fuel tank.

Depressurize Fuel System

Step 1

Remove the fuel cap.

Step 2

Open the car's trunk. Fold the carpet away from the base of the left-rear shock tower. Locate the fuel pump electrical connector and unplug it from the wiring harness. Follow the wiring to the rubber grommet located near the rear seat. Push the grommet through the floorboard and then feed the wires and connector through the hole.

Step 3

Start the engine. Let the car run until it uses the remaining fuel in the line and dies.

Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable from where it attaches to the front-left shock tower.

Remove Fuel Tank

Step 1

Raise the vehicle and support it, using the jack stands.

Step 2

Place a container under the gas tank drain plug. The Stratus's fuel tank hold 16 gallons. Use a sufficiently large container to collect all the gasoline. To make the job easier, perform this job when the fuel tank is near empty.

Step 3

Remove the fuel tank drain plug located in the bottom of the tank near the driver's side of the car. Allow all remaining fuel to drain. Return the drain plug and tighten it. It is normal for some fuel to remain in the tank.

Step 4

Loosen the clamp that holds the fuel neck filler hose to the fuel tank, using a screwdriver. Remove the hose from the tank.

Step 5

Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel pump assembly. The lines use quick-disconnect fittings. Depress the plastic notch to disconnect the line.

Step 6

Disconnect the small, rubber vapor hose attached to the rear of the fuel tank.

Place the floor jack under the tank and raise it until it is supporting the tank. Remove the two fuel tank straps by removing the bolts holding the straps to the vehicle frame. Remove the fuel tank from underneath the vehicle, using the jack.

Remove Fuel Pump

Step 1

Clean the area around the fuel pump assembly to avoid contaminating the tank when you remove the pump.

Step 2

Remove the fuel pump module ring nut, using a large pair of pliers to turn the ring counterclockwise.

Lift the fuel pump out of the tank. Tilt the assembly slightly to one side for the entire assembly to clear the fuel tank.

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